New Engine Build


If you’re looking for an engine assembler to build batches of engines for your niche application to OEM quality standards with the highest levels of engine testing and auditing, look no further! Autocraft lives and breathes engine assembly, and our 52,000sqm facility in Grantham provides plenty of room for this purpose.

Our Special Powertrain Solutions (SPS) division is set up in designated area of the factory, dedicated to the assembly of new engines, and conversion, integration and modification of niche high performance engine ranges. We can provide engines for:

  • High performance sports cars
  • Kit cars
  • Off highway and industrial
  • Material handling
  • Marine
  • Military (Utility and APCs)

With a capacity of over 20,000 engines per annum, our new assembly areas replicate OEM process quality standards on a more flexible and more responsive scale.

We use a moving trolley build process to aid variations in model and throughput – we can build in batches of 1 due to our intelligent kitting process and Industry 4.0 techniques. “No fault forward DC tooling” is installed throughout the area and includes “Tools Net” traceability for process control monitoring. Quality and performance is measured and assured through our rigorous testing and engine auditing processes.

We have on-site test capability including:

  • 7 Hot-Test dynamometer beds
  • 5 Cold-Test facilities
  • Tear down and quality auditing facility fully equipped to OEM standards

Full Supply Chain Management is also offered as part of the SPS service offering; with Autocraft sourcing, managing stocks and negotiating on your behalf. We manage suppliers worldwide and source from a wide range of vendors, from small specialists in Europe to major Tier 1s situated globally in China, North & South America, India and Japan.