Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries

Assembly and Remanufacture of EV Battery Packs for Automotive applications

Autocraft EV Solutions is a technology leader in the remanufacturing of failed battery packs. Our diagnostic and testing equipment safely identifies failed modules and cells, and our processes enable battery packs to be repaired and returned into vehicles quickly. Failed modules are either remanufactured by us for use in other EV battery packs, sent to our 2nd Life partners for use in non-automotive applications, or sent to our recycling partners for the raw materials to be reclaimed and manufactured into new EV batteries.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, so following the Recovery of the failed battery pack, we have devised our 4R Solution for EV Batteries (gallery below).

We also offer in-market EV battery repair solutions, for regions where recovering packs to our facility in Grantham, UK is not possible. We can provide Autocraft manned containerised Mobile EV Battery Repair Centres which can be permanently located at your ‘Super Dealerships’ or moved on the road between dealerships fixing the failed packs. Failed modules are then sent back securely and safely to our main EV Battery Service Centre in the UK for repair, remanufacture, reuse or recycling.